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Part 7. Using Office's Internet Tools > Task 5 How to Save Office Files to the ...

Task 5 How to Save Office Files to the Web

You can easily save any Office file in HTML format and publish it on the Web. If you have a Word document you want to publish, for example, you must save the file in HTML format. This converts the formatting into codes that Web browsers can interpret. Before you can publish your work, however, you must have the proper passwords that grant you permission to copy your files to a particular site. With the correct codes, for example, you could publish an Office file to your Internet provider's server, in your own private folder. You could then invite anyone you want to visit your new Web site by providing them with its address.

  1. Open the Save As Dialog Box

    Open the file you want to save as an HTML document, and then choose File, Save As Web Page. This command opens the Save As dialog box.

  2. Enter a Filename

    Select a folder to save the file to, and assign a new name to the file if needed. To change the name that appears in the title bar of the Web browser when the page is viewed, click Change Title, type a name, and click OK.

  3. Access Additional Options

    Some Office programs provide you with additional options for publishing your Web page. To access these options, click Publish. The Publish as Web Page dialog box opens.

  4. Select Additional Options

    In Excel, for example, you can choose to add the ability to change data online by selecting Add interactivity with. You can also have the workbook automatically republished whenever it changes. Select the options you want by clicking them.

  5. Select These Options

    In PowerPoint, for example, the Publish as Web Page dialog box offers options about which slides to publish, whether or not your notes appear on the Web pages, and how the navigation bar that links the various pages of your presentation appears. Again, select the options you desire.

  6. Click Save or Publish

    Click Save to close the Save As dialog box and to publish your work. If you clicked Publish in Step 3 to access additional options, you'll have to click Publish again to close the Save as Web Page dialog box.



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