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Part 7. Using Office's Internet Tools > Task 4 How to Open a Web Document from ...

Task 4 How to Open a Web Document from an Office Program

You can use Office to view and edit Web documents, whether or not you've created them yourself. For example, perhaps you're in charge of updating the monthly sales report, stored on the company's Web server. Or maybe you've created a personal Web site and you want to make a few minor updates to one of its pages. In any case, it's easy to use your Office programs to open Web documents and make changes. Office enables you to open Web pages stored locally, on a network, on a company intranet, or on the Internet. You might open an Internet page, for example, to serve as "inspiration" for a Web page you want to create for yourself.

  1. Open a Web Page

    You can open any Web page (a file with the .htm or .html file extension) in an Office program—just follow the same procedure you would to open a regular document: click the Open button, select the file, and click Open. In this example, I'll open a Web page I created earlier in Word.

  2. View the Document

    The Web page is displayed in the program window. You can use the program to make changes to a Web page—you can add hyperlinks, insert graphics or movies, and so on.

  3. Follow a Link

    If the Web page has a link you want to follow, press Ctrl and click the link.

  4. View the Page

    Internet Explorer displays the linked page. If the link points to a graphic or movie, the appropriate program opens to display it. If the page displayed in Internet Explorer contains any links, just click them to activate them.

  5. Open an Internet Page

    To open a page from the Internet in your Office program, click theOpen button in your application's Standard toolbar. In the Open dialog box that appears, type the URL of the page in the File name box and click Open. (You must be connected to the Internet.) If the page is saved in your Favorites list, click the Favorites button on the navigation bar and select it from the list.

  6. View the Internet Page

    The Internet page is displayed in the program window. Notice that the page appears as a Read-Only file because you probably do not have permission to resave the page back to the Internet. You can, however, use the File, Save As Web Page command to save the file locally so that you can use it as a template for creating your own Web pages.



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