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Part 7. Using Office's Internet Tools > Task 3 How to Download Files from the W...

Task 3 How to Download Files from the Web

Web pages aren't the only thing you will find on the Web. You will also encounter all kinds of files: text files, graphic files, program files, multimedia files, and more. After you find a file you want (perhaps an interesting shareware program, or clip art for your newsletter), the next step is to transfer a copy of the file from the Internet site where it's stored to your computer. This process is called downloading. Before you download, be sure that you have enough room on your hard drive and that you can spare the time. (Large files—5MB and larger—can take hours to download if you use a modem.) Of course, if you use cable, DSL or your company's T1 connection, the download time will be shorter, but still long enough to tie up your computer for awhile.

  1. Find a File

    When you come across a file you want to download, browse the Web site until you find its download link. Here, I'm visiting Stroud's CWSApps (cws.internet.com), on the prowl for a good antivirus program. Note: Any file you obtain from the Internet can contain a computer virus. To keep your computer protected against viruses, consider purchasing an antivirus program, such as InoculateTI, McAfee VirusScan, or Norton AntiVirus.

  2. Start the Download

    Click the file's download link to start the download process. If the file must be purchased, follow the directions given by the Web site.

  3. Save the File on Your Hard Drive

    In the File Download dialog box, click the Save this program to disk option and then click OK.

  4. Choose a Hard Drive Location

    When downloading is ready to begin, the Save As dialog box appears. Navigate to the folder in which you want to save the file and then click Save.

  5. Wait for the Download

    As the download begins, a dialog box appears that gives you as many details as Windows can about the file size, the time remaining for the download, and so forth. (The time to download is usually overestimated.) If you decide you can't spend six hours waiting for the download, click Cancel to stop the download, and try it again later.

  6. Download Is Complete

    When the download is complete, click Close to close the dialog box. You can choose other options as well, such as Open (which typically starts the installation process for the file you just downloaded) or Open Folder (which displays the contents of the folder in which the file was downloaded).



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