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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 7 How to Remove Data or Cells

Task 7 How to Remove Data or Cells

It's easy to delete data from cells, but sometimes you will want to remove the cells themselves. You might also want to delete just the formatting from the cells. Excel has several delete options you can apply to your worksheets. You could remove some cells, for example, to shift the data up or to the left, without affecting surrounding data (such as a nearby table).

  1. Select the Cells

    Select the cells whose data you want to delete.

  2. Press Delete

    Press the Delete key on the keyboard; the data in the selected cells is removed. Note, however, that the cells themselves remain; just the data is removed.

  3. Clear the Formatting Only

    If you want to remove just the formatting of the cells (cell borders and colors) without affecting the data, select the cells and choose Edit, Clear, Formats.

  4. Select Cells to Remove

    If you want to remove cells (and shift surrounding cells to fill the gap left by the deleted cells), select the cells; then right-click them and select Delete from the shortcut menu.

  5. Shift Replacement Cells

    In the Delete dialog box that opens, choose Shift cells left or Shift cells up, depending on how you want the data in the table to fill in the gap. Click OK.

  6. Cells Are Removed

    The cells are removed from the worksheet, and the cells to the right move over or the cells below move up to fill in the empty space. If you shift cells left, the cells above or below the selection are unaffected. If you shift cells up, the cells to the left or right are unchanged.



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