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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 4 How to Use AutoFill - Pg. 227

Using Excel 227 How-To Hints Selecting Cells Remember: To select a cell, click the cell. A selector (a black outline around the cell) surrounds it. When you select a cell, its reference or address appears in the Name box in the Formula bar. When selecting a large range, click the first cell, press and hold the Shift key, and then scroll to the last cell and click. To select multiple non adjacent ranges, select the first range, press and hold Ctrl, and then select the next range. To deselect a range, click outside the range or press any arrow key. Selecting a Row or Column To quickly select an entire row, click the row's heading. For example to select row 23, click the number 23 on the far left edge of the worksheet. To select a column, click the column's heading. To select multiple adjacent columns or rows, drag over their headings. Task 4 How to Use AutoFill A feature called AutoFill can speed up data entry dramatically by filling in duplicate entries or a data series (such as the labels April, May, June) for you. With AutoFill, you can quickly create a list of day or month names, a series of numbers, or a list of identical text entries. Day and month names, and their standard three-letter abbreviations, are built-in lists in Excel. That's how AutoFill knows what to enter. You can create custom lists (of people or product names, for example), and AutoFill will fill them, as well.