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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 2 How to Navigate Worksheets

Task 2 How to Navigate Worksheets

Each worksheet comprises 256 columns and 65,536 rows. With so much space in a single worksheet, you can easily lose yourself in the vast forest of worksheet cells. You need to know how to read cell addresses. Each cell in the worksheet grid has an address, or reference, based on which row and column it's in. Excel labels columns with letters; it labels rows with numbers. Cell names always reference the column letter first, and then the row number. For example, the cell in the top-left corner of the worksheet is A1.

  1. Use the Mouse

    One way to navigate the worksheet is to use the mouse. To move to a particular cell, simply click the cell. This makes the cell active. If the cell is not in view, use the scrollbars to locate the cell.

  2. Use the Keyboard

    If you prefer using the keyboard to navigate, press the arrow keys to move around the worksheet. The active cell changes with each press of the arrow keys.

  3. Double-Click a Cell Border

    Double-click the border of an active cell to move around a range (a group of adjacent cells) of data quickly. For example, to jump to the bottom of a list of data, click a cell in the list and point to the bottom edge of the cell. When your mouse pointer becomes an arrow, double-click. Excel takes you to the bottom cell in the range.

  4. Jump Home or to the End

    To jump back to the first cell in the worksheet (cell A1), press Ctrl+Home. To jump to the lower-right corner of the working area of the worksheet (the area you've been working in, not cell IV35536), press Ctrl+End.

  5. Jump Around Rows and Columns

    To jump to the beginning of a row (column A), press Home. To jump to the rightmost cell in the row (within the data area of the worksheet), press End and then press Enter.

  6. Use the Go To Command

    Yet another way to move to a particular cell in a worksheet is to use the Go To command: Open the Edit menu and select Go To to open the Go To dialog box. Type the cell address you want to reach in the Reference text box and click BOK.



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