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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 28 How to Change the Chart Type

Task 28 How to Change the Chart Type

When you create a chart, you have many options for the chart type. Standard chart types use columns or bars, lines and points, or a sliced-up pie. Your best bet is to probably stick to standard chart types. If you use a chart type that your audience isn't used to seeing, they might have difficulty deciphering it, and the data might lose its impact. After you have created a chart, you can easily change the chart type without having to re- create the chart, so you can try out different chart types to see which you like best.

  1. Select the Chart

    Click the chart to select it. If the chart is on a chart sheet, it is automatically selected when you click its sheet tab.

  2. Click the Chart Type Button

    On the Chart toolbar, click the down arrow on the Chart Type button. A drop-down list of chart types appears. Click the icon for the chart type you want to apply to the selected chart.

  3. The New Chart Type Is Applied

    The chart type changes to the type you select. Here you see the same column chart from Step 1 changed to a line chart.

  4. Use the Chart Type Command

    You can also change the type of chart using the menus: Select the chart and choose Chart, Chart Type. From the Chart Type dialog box, select a Chart type and Chart subtype. To preview the chart, click and hold the Click and Hold to View Sample button (shown is the same chart changed to a 3D bar chart). When you find the chart type you want, click OK.

  5. Change the Markers for a Data Series

    To change the chart type for a single series in a multi-series chart, right-click one of the data markers (a data marker is one column, one row, one line, one pie slice, and so on) in the series and choose Chart Type from the context menu. The Chart Type dialog box opens.

  6. Select a Different Marker Type

    Choose a new chart type for the selected series and click OK to close the dialog box and apply the change. Here you see that one series in the bar chart (June sales) has been changed to a pie chart type.



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