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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 23 How to AutoFormat a Range

Task 23 How to AutoFormat a Range

If formatting worksheets isn't your cup of tea, you will be happy to learn that Excel comes with predesigned formats you can apply to your worksheet data. The AutoFormat feature provides you with 16 table formats you can use to make your worksheet data look more presentable. Experiment with each format to see how it affects your data's presentation.

  1. Select the Range

    Select the range containing the data you want to format or click anywhere inside a range that is bordered by blank cells. For example, if you click one of your data cells, Excel will select the data, column, and row labels (but not the worksheet title) automatically.

  2. Open the AutoFormat Dialog Box

    Choose Format, AutoFormat to open the AutoFormat dialog box.

  3. Choose a Table Format

    Choose the format style you want to use. Click the scroll arrow buttons to move up and down the list. When you find a format you like, click it in the list box.

  4. View Your Options

    To exclude certain elements from the format set, click the Options button. The AutoFormat dialog box expands to include check boxes for options you might want to experiment with to fine-tune the format.

  5. Turn Off Formatting Elements

    Select or deselect the format options you want to turn on or off. The dialog box updates to show you the effects of enabling or disabling these options. When you are pleased with the customized formatting, click OK to close the dialog box.

  6. View the Results

    The formatting is automatically applied to the selected cell or range. If needed, use the Format Painter button to copy the formats to additional ranges as we've done here. Note that the AutoFormatting you apply will overwrite any existing formatting the cells might already have.



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