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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 12 How to Filter Data

Task 12 How to Filter Data

Another activity you can do when using Excel as a database is to filter data. Filtering shows only the records you want to see and hides the rest. Records aren't removed, they're just hidden temporarily. Filtering is based on criteria: data that's shared by all the records you want to see. For example, in an inventory database, you might filter the data by price so that you can locate items within a certain price range. You don't have to sort a list before you filter, and you can have blank cells in the list. The top row, however, should contain column headings or labels, and the list should contain no completely blank rows.

  1. Click a Cell

    To begin a filter, click any cell in the list or table.

  2. Click the Filter Command

    Open the Data menu and select Filter, AutoFilter.

  3. Open a Filter List

    Filter arrows appear in the cell of each column label. In the column that contains the criteria you want to filter, click the filter arrow to drop down a list of all the values in the column. From the list, select the criteria you want.

  4. Matching Records Are Displayed

    All records that don't meet the criteria you specified in Step 3 are hidden. The filter arrow where you set the criteria turns blue, and the row numbers turn blue to remind you that some rows are hidden.

  5. Set Multiple Criteria

    To set multiple criteria to further filter the results of the first filter operation, click another filter arrow and select additional criteria. Here you see the list filtered to show all members living in Marion, Illinois.

  6. Remove the Filter

    To remove the filter and show all the records in the list again, either click each filter arrow where you set criteria and click (All) or choose Data, Filter, AutoFilter to turn off AutoFilter.



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