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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 10 How to Find and Replace Data

Task 10 How to Find and Replace Data

You can search for and replace any character in a worksheet or in the entire workbook. You can find or replace text strings, such as a company or employee name, and you can find or replace numbers, either single digits or strings of numbers. You can limit your search to only cells that contain formulas or comments, or you can search every cell. If you have used Microsoft Word, you will discover that the Find and Replace procedures are almost identical in the two programs, so there won't be much that's new for you to learn about this process in Excel.

  1. Use the Find Command

    To search for a word or number in a worksheet, start by choosing Edit, Find.

  2. Enter the Search Data

    In the Find and Replace dialog box, click inside the Find what text box and type the characters (numbers, text, and symbols) for which you want to search.

  3. Set Any Options

    Click Options, and choose from options that limit your search: Click Format to find data with a particular format, use the Within list to search the entire workbook, use the Search list to control how the search is conducted, and use the Look in list to look only in formulas, comments, or the displayed values for a match. Use the Match check box options to limit how a match is found.

  4. Start the Search

    Click the Find Next button to start the search. Excel locates the first cell containing a match and highlights it in the worksheet. Click Find Next repeatedly to find each occurrence of the search string.

  5. Use the Replace Command

    To conduct a search and replace the matches with a specified set of characters or formatting, click the Replace tab. Type the replacement data in the Replace with text box; click the Format button to specify any formatting you want to apply to the replacement data.

  6. Replace the Data

    Click Find Next, and Excel highlights the first match. Click the Replace button to replace the data; click Replace All to replace all occurrences in all selected worksheets in the workbook at once.



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