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Part 3. Using Excel > Task 9 How to Define a Range Name

Task 9 How to Define a Range Name

It's much easier to refer to your data by name than with a meaningless cell address. For example, a range named Sales_Totals is a lot easier to decipher than F2:F14. The formula =INCOME-EXPENSE is easier to understand than =B24-C24. Giving ranges (or single cells) recognizable names can make your formulas a lot easier to follow. Range names appear in the Name box at the top of your worksheet. When you have defined at least one range name in a worksheet, you can click the Name box drop-down list to see a list of the named ranges.

  1. Select a Range

    To name a range, first select the range in the worksheet. To name a single cell, click that cell to select it.

  2. Click the Name Box

    Click inside the Name box located at the far left end of the Formula bar.

  3. Type a Name

    Type a name for the range. Names must begin with a letter or an underscore (_); after that, you can use any other character you want. Don't use spaces in range names; instead, use the underscore (_) or a period (.). You can't use a name already defined in the workbook, even if it's on another worksheet.

  4. Press Enter

    Press Enter when you're finished typing the range name. The name appears in place of the cell reference in the Name box when the range is selected in the worksheet.

  5. Go to the Range

    To jump to the named range from anywhere in the workbook, click the drop-down arrow next to the Name box and select the range name from the list.

  6. Use the Define Name Dialog Box

    Another way to name a range or edit an existing range name is to use the Define Name dialog box. Choose Insert, Name, Define to open the Define Name dialog box. Here you can enter a new range name, enter its cell references, and click the Add button, or edit an existing name. Click OK to exit the dialog box.



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