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Part 1. Using Common Office Features > Task 4 How to Work with Menus and Toolba...

Task 4 How to Work with Menus and Toolbars

To help expedite your work, Office menus and toolbars can display only the commands and buttons you use the most often. Simply put, this means a menu or toolbar doesn't have to show every available command unless you tell it to. In this task, you'll learn how to work with personalized menus and toolbars..

  1. Display a Full Menu

    To open a menu, click its name. If your personalized menus are on, the menu displays the most recently used commands. To view the full menu, wait a few seconds. All the menu commands will appear. You can also click the double-arrow at the bottom of the menu list to view the full menu. If the personalized menus are off, you see the full menu automatically.

  2. Customize Your Menus

    To customize your menus, open the Tools menu and select Customize. (Depending on which Office program you're using, the Tools menu might differ slightly from what you see here.) The Customize dialog box opens.

  3. Turn Personalized Menus On or Off

    Click the Options tab to view menu options. Click the Always show full menus check box to turn personalized menus on or off. No check mark in the box means personalized menus are on; a check mark in the box means the feature is off. Click Close to exit the dialog box and apply the change.

  4. Display Hidden Toolbar Buttons

    If the toolbar button you're looking for isn't onscreen, click the More Buttons icon on the toolbar to display a pop-up list of additional buttons.

  5. Select a Toolbar Button

    From the pop-up list, select the toolbar button you want to use. As soon as you make a selection, the command is activated, and the button is added to the visible display of buttons on the toolbar.

  6. Hide or Display Toolbars

    To display or hide a toolbar, open the View menu and select Toolbars. This opens a submenu that lists every available toolbar for the program. A check mark next to the toolbar name indicates that the toolbar is already being displayed.



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