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Part 1. Using Common Office Features > Task 3 How to Work with the Task Pane

Task 3 How to Work with the Task Pane

The task pane is new to the Office suite of programs. When you start any program (with the exception of Outlook), the task pane is displayed on the right side of the program window by default. It offers users quick access to common commands and controls. You can have more than one pane displayed in the task pane, and you can use the navigation buttons to view open panes. The current pane's name appears at the top of the task pane. For example, in PowerPoint, you might have the New Presentation and Slide Layout panes open and switch between the two. You can also hide the pane to free up workspace onscreen.

  1. Navigate the Task Pane

    When two or more task panes are open, you can navigate between them by using the arrow buttons at the top of each task pane. Click the Back arrow button to move back a pane, or click the Forward arrow button to move forward a pane.

  2. Scroll the Task Pane

    Depending on the pane's contents, you may need to scroll down the pane to view all the options or links presented. Use the pane's scroll buttons to view different areas of the task pane.

  3. Activate a Feature

    Depending on the pane's contents, you can active a feature by clicking its link or clicking the graphic icon representing the choice you want to select. Depending on what you select, the pane may reveal additional links or options to choose from. The pane may also close itself after you select a command.

  4. Switch Pane View

    A quick way to switch between task panes is to click the Other Task Panes drop-down arrow button and select another pane from the list that opens. The current pane always has a check mark next to its name.

  5. Close the Task Pane

    To free up workspace onscreen, you can close the task pane by clicking its Close button.

  6. Redisplay the Task Pane

    If you close the task pane, you can redisplay it again at any time. Open the program's View menu and choose Task Pane.



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