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Part 1. Using Common Office Features > Task 1 How to Start and Exit Office Appl...

Task 1 How to Start and Exit Office Applications

You can start Office programs by using the Windows Start menu. When you install the programs, each application's name is added to the Programs menu list. If you install Outlook, a shortcut icon is added to the Windows desktop to give you quick access to your daily schedule and e-mail. You can easily add shortcut icons for the other Office programs, but you can also access them quickly from the Start menu. After you finish using an application, use one of the several methods for closing the program window. Don't forget to save your work before exiting.

  1. Open the Start Menu

    Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar. The Windows Start menu opens.

  2. Choose Programs

    Click Programs to display the menu list.

  3. Choose an Application

    Click the name of the Microsoft Office program you want to open. To open Excel, for example, select Microsoft Excel.

  4. View the Program Window

    Immediately, the program opens into its own window, with its name in the title bar. Depending on which program you open, you can begin working on a new file, such as a blank Word document, an Excel worksheet, a new PowerPoint presentation, or an Access database. In Outlook, you can check your calendar or view e-mail. In this figure, the Excel program window is open.

  5. Quick Exit

    The quickest way to close an Office program is to click the window's Close button, the one with an ´ symbol in the upper-right corner of the window. You can also choose File, Exit or press Alt+F4 on the keyboard to close the application.

  6. Save It

    If you haven't saved your work yet, the program prompts you to do so before exiting. Click Yes to save, No to exit without saving, or Cancel to cancel the exit procedure. (Outlook doesn't work with files like the other programs, so you won't see this prompt box when exiting it.) To learn more about saving files, turn to Task 7, "How to Save Your Work."



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