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Part 5. Using Access > Task 8 How to Sort Records

Task 8 How to Sort Records

After you have entered data into a database, you're ready to start manipulating it. One of the most important ways in which a database manipulates data is by sorting it: putting it in a logical order according to criteria you specify. You might want to sort your address database, for example, by city, ZIP Code, or last name. The Sort command is the tool to use. You can sort by ascending order (from A to Z or 1 to 10) or descending order (from Z to A or 10 to 1). To begin, open the database you want to sort.

  1. Open the Table

    From the Database window, click Tables in the Objects bar and open the table you want to sort (double-click the table name or select it and click the Open button).

  2. Choose the Sort Field

    Click the column header for the field you want to sort, or place the insertion point anywhere in the column you want to use for the sort.

  3. Use the Sort Buttons

    To sort the table in ascending (A–Z) order, click the Sort Ascending button on the toolbar. To sort by descending order (Z–A), click the Sort Descending button.

  4. View the Sorted Data

    The table is immediately sorted. Continue sorting the table fields as needed. When you exit the table after sorting, a prompt box asks whether you want to save the changes. Click Yes if you do, or No if you don't want the sort to be permanent.

  5. Sort by Form Fields

    You can also sort your records using a form. From the Database window, select Forms and open a form. Click to position the cursor in the field by which you want to sort.

  6. Select a Sort Order

    Perform a sort in the same way you did in Step 3—by clicking the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending buttons on the toolbar. As you cycle through the records using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the form, the records appear in the new sort order.



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