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Part 5. Using Access > Task 5 How to Modify a Table in Design View

Task 5 How to Modify a Table in Design View

Access databases are flexible in their design. You might find that you have a field that is almost always blank, for example, indicating that it is unnecessary and should be removed. Or you might want to enter information for a field that you forgot to create. In either case, you can open the appropriate table and make the necessary change. Access makes it easy to change the various elements in your tables. You can change the look and design of any table, form, report, or query in Design view.

  1. Open the Table

    With the Database window open, click Tables on the Objects bar and select the table you want to change from the list box. Click the Design button to open the table in Design view.

  2. Add a Field

    To add a new field to the table, click inside the first blank line of the Field Name column and type the new field name.

  3. Select the Field Type

    Press Tab to move to the Data Type column, click the down arrow to view the list of Data Type choices, and select a type. A data type identifies the kind of data you expect to be entered in the field. If the field will contain text entries, for example, select Text; if it requires number entries, select Numbers. (Note that the Field Properties sheet appears at the bottom of the window based on the data type you select.)

  4. Remove a Field

    To remove a field, click the row selector to the left of the field name to highlight the entire row. Click the Delete Rows button on the Database toolbar to remove the highlighted row. Click Yes when asked whether you want to delete the selected field permanently.

  5. Edit a Field Name

    To change a field name, click the field name and make your changes. You can edit existing text or enter a brand new name.

  6. Close the Table

    Click the Close button to close the table and return to the Database window. Click Yes in the dialog box that appears, asking whether you want to save your changes.



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