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Part 5. Using Access > Task 3 How to Enter Data in the Database

Task 3 How to Enter Data in the Database

Access data is stored in tables. As long as you created your new database using the wizard or a template, you have at least one table in which you can start entering your data. (If you need to create a table, see Task 4). Although you can enter data directly into a table, it's much easier to use a form. Forms are similar to dialog boxes; they contain text boxes with labels that identify where data for each field should be entered. If you prefer the plainness of a data sheet (similar to an Excel worksheet) with endless columns and rows, you can use Datasheet view to enter data into a table. This task shows you how to use both methods.

  1. Open the Form

    From the Database window, click the Forms object in the Objects bar and double-click the form you want to use in the list box. You can also select the form and click the Open button.

  2. Enter the Data

    By default, you start out in Form view, in which data is entered into a dialog box-like form.(Later in this task, you'll switch to Datasheet view, in which you enter data in columns and rows.) Begin filling out a record. Click inside a field and start entering text; use the Tab key to move from field to field.

  3. Start a New Record

    After you complete a record, click the New Record button at the bottom of the form to open another record to fill out. The New Record button resembles a right-pointing arrow with an asterisk.

  4. Switch to Datasheet View

    To enter data using Datasheet view, click the View drop-down arrow on the Database toolbar and choose Datasheet View. You can also open the View menu and select Datasheet View.

  5. Enter the Data

    Your form now appears as a table. Field names appear in the column headers, and each row represents a record. Click inside the first empty cell in the first column and type the data for that field. Press Tab to move from field to field.

  6. Close the Form

    To close the form in Form view or Datasheet view, click the window's Close button. (Don't confuse the form window's Close button with the program window's Close button, or you will exit Access entirely.)



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