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Part 5. Using Access > Task 9 How to Filter Records

Task 9 How to Filter Records

You can filter out specific records in your database. Perhaps you want to see information only on a certain vendor or group of vendors, or you might want to find everyone in your address book whose birthday is in the month of May. You can temporarily filter out all the records except those you need to see. Access enables you to apply a filter in three ways: Filter by Selection, Filter by Form, and Advanced Filters. You can apply all the filters in a form, datasheet, or query. This task explains the first two methods.

  1. Filter by Selection

    Open the form on which you want to perform the filter operation and click the field that contains the criteria you want to filter. If you want to search for all the records that have the same ZIP Code, for example, first locate a record containing that ZIP Code and click the ZIP Code field. To begin the filter, click the Filter By Selection button on the toolbar.

  2. View the Filtered Records

    Any records with matching information in the field selected have been retained, but all other records have been hidden (filtered out). Use the form's arrow buttons to view the filtered records.

  3. Remove a Filter

    To remove the filter, click the Remove Filter button on the toolbar. (When no filter has been applied, the Remove Filter button does double duty as the Apply Filter button.)

  4. Filter by Form

    Click the Filter by Form button on the toolbar to enter your own criteria for the filter. A blank form appears. (Note that fields which use list boxes will not be blank.)

  5. Enter Your Filter Criteria

    Type your search criteria in the field of your choice or use the field's drop-down arrow to select a value. To search for all customers in Indianapolis, for example, select Indianapolis from the City list. You can enter criteria in more than one field, but Access will find only records that match all entries. To enter a second criteria—to also search for customers in the city of Carmel, for example—click the Or tab and enter the data for the second filter criteria.

  6. Filter the Records

    Click the Apply Filter button on the toolbar; Access filters your database and displays any records matching your criteria. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through each record in the filtered database. To remove the filter and return the database to its "unfiltered" presentation, click the Remove Filter button.



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