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Part I: Working with Office XP > Preparing for Introducing Office XP's Powerful...

Hour 2. Preparing for Introducing Office XP's Powerful Features

This hour previews Office XP by showing you some of its more impressive features. If you are new to the Office environment, this hour whets your appetite for Office. Once you get the overview, you'll be ready to study the specific Office programs and learn how they work.

Office attempts to move beyond the normal Windows-based help system. If you have used Windows programs in the past, you have probably read online documentation, clicked hypertext links to other related topics, and searched for keywords with which you need help. Office includes all these standard online help tools, but takes that help to a new level of functionality. Office provides some rather unusual help with the Office Assistant and Office XP's support for plain-language help queries. In a way, Office looks over your shoulder and offers advice about a better way of doing things.

In addition to improving the Windows online help system, Office helps disabled users by providing several accessibility options. These options magnify the screen's views and offer keyboard shortcuts that the user can define and control.

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • What the Office Assistant is

  • How to ask Office XP questions

  • What Office does when disaster strikes your computer

  • How to recover from a disaster while using an Office product

  • How you can utilize Office's install-on-demand feature

  • How to use voice commands for controlling the Office programs

  • How to customize your Office work environment to suit your accessibility needs.



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