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Outlook Letters

Users often keep Outlook loaded throughout the day, making appointments, calling contacts, and planning meetings. Outlook includes a handy feature that enables you to write a letter to any contact quickly and easily. A wizard makes the connection between Outlook and Word. The following steps explain how to access this often-overlooked feature from Outlook:

  1. Click to select any Outlook contact.

  2. Select Actions, New Letter to Contact to start Word's Letter Wizard shown in Figure 22.5.

    Figure 22.5. The Letter Wizard takes care of the letter's formatting and address details.

  3. Select a page design and letter style from the dialog box.

  4. Click the Recipient Info tab to display the letter's recipient information. The wizard will have already filled in the contact's name and address. Select or type the salutation that you desire on the Recipient Info tab.

  5. Click the Other Elements tab to define other aspects of the letter such as the reference line and subject if those items are to appear.

  6. Click the Sender Info tab to enter information about you, the sender. You can put your return address information as well as a company name and closing, such as "Best Wishes."

  7. Click Finish and Word builds the letter using the elements you selected. Your only job now is to fill in the details such as the body of the letter and to complete the elements such as the attention and subject lines.



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