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Hour 8. Working with Other Task Views > Moving Around in the Calendar View

Moving Around in the Calendar View

There are several ways to effectively move around the Calendar view and find the information you want to focus on:

  • Use the Previous Month and Next Month arrow buttons to display the week in which the first day of the previous or next month occurs. The beginning of each successive month appears in the first row of the calendar, no matter how many weeks you displayed in the view. Pressing the Page Up and Page Down keys performs the same function as clicking the Previous and Next Month buttons.

  • The scrollbars move forward and backward in time on the calendar. When you drag the scroll box on the vertical scrollbar, a date indicator pop-up box helps you locate a specific date (see Figure 8.4).

    Figure 8.4. Drag the scroll box to move quickly to a specific date.

  • Press Alt+Home and Alt+End to jump to the beginning and ending dates of the project, respectively.

  • The Home and End keys, without adding the Alt key, move you to the beginning or end of a week.

  • Left and right arrow keys move the focus one day earlier or later, and the up and down arrow keys move the highlight one week earlier or later.

  • Use the Go To command to move directly to a specific task ID or date. Choose Edit, Go To. The Go To dialog box appears (see Figure 8.5). Type in the desired task ID or date and click OK. The selected task will be outlined in gray. If the bar for the task is not visible, try using the Zoom In button to display more task bars for each day.

    Figure 8.5. Use the Go To dialog box to quickly locate a specific date or task ID.



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