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Q1:I inserted a project into another project, but the inserted file will not move out to a higher outline level. Why not?
A1: Be careful where you insert projects, and follow the rules given in this hour. The outline level of the task above the insertion point is very important. If you can't restructure the outline as you would like, delete the inserted project and start over, with the following tip in mind: Collapse the outline of the existing file first; then select a row below an existing, visible task that's on the same outline level as where you want to insert the second project; and finally, insert the second project.

For example, if you want the inserted project to be at the first (leftmost) outline level, collapse the existing file outline (you can use the Show button on the Formatting toolbar to chose Outline Level 1), click on the task row under a visible level-one task, and then insert your project.

Q2:There are tasks in a consolidated file that I didn't want to see, so I deleted them. Now they are missing in the individual project files. What happened to them?
A2: If the consolidated file has read/write links to the underlying smaller files, changes in the consolidated file will be sent to the underlying files, including task deletions. Either create a new consolidated file without the link by using Insert, Project, and clearing the Link to project option, or in the combined file hide (but don't delete) tasks in the existing consolidation by applying filters or collapsing the outline structure.
Q3:I know I connected my file to the resource pool, but under Share Resources, it says it's using its own resources. Why?
A3: That happens when the resource pool file is closed. Open the pool file and then check your file's dialog box again. A better approach might be to open the resource pool and check the Share Resources dialog box in that file. It will display a list of all files known to be sharing the pool.

Here's a related question about the Use Own Resources feature. You opened a sharing file without opening the resource pool file, believing this would cut the link and remove the sharing file from the pool. In the Share Resources dialog box, the Use Own Resources option is turned on, so you're sure you are not connected to the pool. But if you actually click on the Use Own Resources button, Project will tell you that you are in fact still connected, and give you the option at that point to force the link to break.

Q4:My favorite contractors are in the resource sheet in a file I created. I connected to the resource pool to retrieve other resource names, and now my contractors appear in the pool also. Can anybody assign my contractors from the pool?
A4: Yes they can; there is no resource hiding allowed. Resources local to a file are always added to the pool if that connection is made. This feature can actually be helpful; if you have existing files with different resource lists, create a file for a pool, connect your existing files to it, and Project will sweep in the resource information from all existing files to create the pool.



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