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Hour 23. Using Microsoft Project in Workgroups > Composing the TeamAssign Form

Composing the TeamAssign Form

A standard TeamAssign form is included with Project. It sends and requests information about predefined Project fields. The workgroup manager can add and reorder additional Project fields on the form.

To Do: Adding or Reordering Project Fields

To add or reorder Project fields on a TeamAssign form, follow these steps:

Select Tools, Customize, Workgroup. The Customize Workgroup dialog box appears as shown in Figure 23.3.

Figure 23.3. The Fields list in workgroup messages can be modified.

Select the desired fields from the Available Fields list and click the arrow to add them to the Fields in Workgroup Message list. Note the description for each field; this text can help you determine the usefulness of each field you might include in the form.

Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the selected field on the form.

If you want the same fields to be listed in the TeamStatus message, select the Include in TeamStatus Message check box.

Select a reporting period from the Ask for Completed Work drop-down list box.

If you want team members to record overtime work using these forms, select the Track Overtime Work check box.

If you are giving team members the option of refusing assignments sent to them using the TeamAssign form, select the Team Members Can Decline Tasks check box.

To cancel the changes you have made and close the dialog box, click the Return to Default Settings button.

Click OK when finished.



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