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Hour 23. Using Microsoft Project in Work... > Sending Task Requests with TeamAssig...

Sending Task Requests with TeamAssign

When team members have been assigned to tasks in a project, the team members must be notified of those assignments. First, the project manager sends a TeamAssign message to each team member with his or her task assignments. The team member then responds to the manager, either accepting or rejecting the assignments. Finally, the manager opens the response and updates the project with the team member's response.

To Do: Sending a TeamAssign Request

To send a TeamAssign request to a team member, follow these steps:

Display a task view, such as the Gantt Chart view.

Select Tools, Workgroup, TeamAssign or click the TeamAssign button on the Workgroup toolbar.

Choose an option to send assignments for all tasks or only selected tasks.

Click OK. The TeamAssign dialog box appears as shown in Figure 23.2.

Figure 23.2. Use the TeamAssign feature to notify team members of their task assignments.

For the Subject field, accept the default TeamAssign option or type a subject for the message.

Accept or modify the text in the message area. It is good practice to give a desired response deadline in the message area.

In the list of tasks at the bottom of the dialog box, the To field is the only field you can edit. It is not recommended that you change these fields.

Click Send when finished. An icon indicating that a TeamAssign request has been made, but not yet responded to, appears in the Indicators column for the selected task.



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