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Your project has been in the planning stages for some time and has gone through team and manager reviews. Before the project gets underway, you know to take the time to save the plan information for future comparisons. At the first meeting of your project team, progress information is provided to you in a variety of ways. Update your plan as instructed in the exercises below. To begin, open the file, New Product Hour 20.MPP. Solutions for the exercises can be found in New Product Hour 20-Exercises.MPP. See the Introduction for instructions to access the sample files and solutions for these exercises on the book's Web page.

  1. Save the Baseline information for your plan. Then save the file.

  2. View the Gantt Chart and apply the Variance table to verify that all tasks have Baseline Start and Finish dates.

  3. Team members have reported the schedule updates below. Change them in the project plan using the Entry table applied to the Gantt Chart.

    Task 4, Test prototype, won't finish until January 31, 2001

    Task 9, Meet with bankers, will now require three days to complete

    Task 11, Negotiate with venture capitalists, is now estimated to take one week but can't begin until January 8, 2001.

  4. Use the Tracking toolbar to mark the following completions.

    Tasks 1–5 are 100 percent complete

    Tasks 7, 8, and 10 are 50 percent complete

  5. John Melville reported a total of eight hours actual work spent on Task 9, "Meet with bankers." Record his actual hours for the task.

  6. Then John Melville picked up a flu bug. Work on some of his tasks needs to be rescheduled. Change Task 10 to resume work on January 2, 2001, and reschedule work on unstarted Task 11 to also resume on January 2, 2001.

  7. View the Tracking Gantt to see the effects of the changes on the project plan.



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