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You'd like to be an entrepreneur. You've met with some possible partners and compiled a list of activities they believe are required to start a new project. You need to see it in print and submit the plan for their review. In the exercises below, you will create a new file, document it, and create an outlined task list. The completed exercise can be seen in the file, "New Business Hour 3-Exercise.MPP." See the Introduction for instructions to access the sample files and exercise solutions on this book's Web page.

  1. Create a new project file. Schedule the project from a start date of October 2, 2000.

  2. Give the project a descriptive name, identify yourself as the project manager, and enter your proposed company name. Briefly summarize the goal for this project.

  3. Enter the following first 10 ten tasks for your plan, letting Project supply an estimated duration of 1 day for each task.


    Define business vision

    Summarize findings in writing

    Identify available skills, information, and support

    Decide whether to proceed

    Define the opportunity

    Research the market and competition

    Interview owners of similar businesses

    Identify needed resources

    Submit findings to partners

  4. Task 5, "Decide whether to proceed," and Task 10, "Submit findings to partners," are important markers. Make them milestone tasks.

  5. Task 3, "Summarize findings in writing," is out of logical order. Make it the next-to-the-last task.

  6. Make Task 1, "Self-Assessment," and Task 5, "Define the Opportunity," summary tasks.

  7. Turn on the outline numbers for this plan.

  8. Print the plan, with the Task Name and Duration columns showing.

  9. Save your work.



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