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You have the first 25 tasks listed for your New Product development plan. It's time to link tasks together and find out how long this part of the project will take to complete. Begin by opening the file, "New Product Hour 6.MPP." The solution to the exercises can be found in the file, "New Product Hour 6-Exercise.MPP." See the Introduction for instructions to access the sample files and solutions for these exercises on the book's Web page.

  1. The following groups of tasks should be scheduled in "normal" Finish-to-Start sequences.

    Tasks 3–7

    Tasks 9–12

    Tasks 14–16

    Tasks 20–25

  2. Your team has concluded that Tasks 17, 18, and 19 ("Assess manufacturing capabilities," "Determine safety issues," and "Determine environmental issues," respectively) can all start when Task 10, "Develop preliminary investigation plan," has finished. Create these three sets of paired tasks.

  3. You also know that Tasks 17, 18 and 19 must finish before Task 20, "Review legal issues," can start. Create these three links.

  4. The "Initial New Product Screening Stage" (Task 2) must be finished before you can start the next phase, "Preliminary Investigation Stage" (Task 8). Link these two summary tasks.

  5. So far, the "Technical Feasibility Analysis" summary at Task 13 is not linked into your decision milestone at Task 25. Assign this an FS link.

  6. Tasks 14 and 15 are already linked together, but further review indicates that they can in fact start together. Task 15 is actually dependent on the beginning of Task 14, not its finish. Change this link to be a Start-to-Start type.

  7. What is the project end date, displayed to the right of the Task 25 milestone marker? Now make a change. Task 18 is now estimated to require 15 days; change its duration. What is the date next to the Task 25 milestone now?



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