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At this point in managing your project, you should focus some attention on specific information in the plan to be sure you are meeting your deadline and budget goals. In the following exercises, you will view the statistics for the project and consider alternatives for reducing the project length. Also, you will display your plan in different ways to see cost values. Begin by opening the file "New Product Hour 16.MPP." The solutions to the exercises can be found in the file "New Product Hour 16-Exercise.MPP." See the Introduction for instructions to access the sample files and solutions for these exercises on the book's Web page.

  1. View the Project Statistics dialog box and note the following values:

    Current (scheduled) Start

    Current (scheduled) Finish

    Current (scheduled) Cost

  2. The plan is not meeting its planned finish date of 4/18/01. Examine the critical tasks to see which phases of the project are controlling the finish date.

  3. It might be helpful to see the critical tasks in a different order, longest to shortest, to see which tasks on the critical path are good candidates for having their durations adjusted.

  4. You notice that the Promo Weeks late in the plan are each requiring two weeks of time. Reduce each one to five days (one week). Then return to the Statistics box and see the results on the project Finish date. Have you met your finish goal?

  5. You'd like to see the cost contribution to the project of the critical tasks. Remove the Critical filter and return the task list to task ID order. Then view the Summary table on the Gantt Chart and apply the Critical Group.

  6. Hide the details for the noncritical tasks.

  7. Remove the noncritical task group from the screen completely by applying the Critical filter to the grouped list.



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