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Part V: Finalizing and Publishing Your Plan > Fine-Tuning the Project Plan

Hour 16. Fine-Tuning the Project Plan

After you have defined and entered your tasks and resources into a project plan, you might start to feel overwhelmed by all the details displayed in Project's different views. Project is certainly a tool for dealing with minutiae. However, Project also gives you the ability to step back from the project and view the information so that you can see the big picture and evaluate the plan's effectiveness.

In this hour, you learn to display a summary of the important statistics of a project, such as the start and finish dates. You also learn to use filters that allow you to view a selected subset of the project's tasks or resources and how to apply a new grouping feature that lets you organize and summarize information in certain views. You will look at identifying the critical path for your project and working with strategies that help you reduce the project's duration. Finally, you learn how to review the cost schedule and find ways to reduce the project costs.

In this hour, you will learn techniques that help you focus on the overall quality of your project, including:

  • Displaying a summary of important project statistics

  • Applying filters and concentrating on specific tasks or resources

  • Creating and applying a group structure to summarize task and resource information

  • Reviewing the cost schedule for the project

  • Revising your plan to meet established goals by applying accepted Project Management strategies



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