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The printouts for your project will probably span several pages. In this exercise, you will use view formatting and the Page Setup dialog box to make changes to the Gantt Chart, the Calendar view, and the Network Diagram and fine-tune your printouts. Use the multiple page print preview to see the effects of these changes on the printed output. Begin by opening the file "New Product Hour 10.MPP." The results of the exercise can be found in the file "New Product Hour 10-Exercise.MPP." See the Introduction for instructions to access the sample files and solutions for these exercises on the book's Web page.

  1. Display the Gantt Chart and position the vertical divider bar so that only the ID numbers, the Indicators column, and the Task Names are visible. Change the Timescale setting to view Weeks over Days.

  2. Change the page setup options so that:

    Any task notes in the project will be printed.

    Any blank pages will not print.

    The legend appears on a page by itself.

    Your name will print in the center of the page header.

  3. Hard to decipher? Turn the blank page printing back on but don't print the legend.

  4. View the calendar and make the weeks (rows) deeper so more tasks can be printed on each day. Preview the results. Does the preview show the bigger date boxes?

  5. Change a page setting for this view so that the calendar will print exactly as you have formatted it.

  6. Preview the Network Diagram. How many pages will be printed? Will a Legend be printed, and if so, on every page or by itself?

  7. Change the setting to print the legend on every page. Now how many pages will be printed?

  8. You know that the Network Diagram is particularly handy for viewing the project flow, so you'd like to set up a simple flow diagram. Reduce the nodes on the diagram to view task ID numbers only. Preview the results, and then remove any footer from the printout and put the legend back on its own page.



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