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Q1:Is there any way to print out the special calendars and Cost Rate tables I've defined?
A1: Yes, there is a custom report that can be printed with details for the resource calendar, Cost Rate tables, and resource notes.
  1. Choose View, Reports from the menu.

  2. In the Reports dialog box, double-click the Custom reports group.

  3. In the Custom Reports dialog box, scroll the Reports list and select the Resource report.

  4. Click the Edit button to display the Resource Report dialog box.

  5. Select the Details tab and fill the check box for one of more of the Resource details: Notes, Calendar, Cost Rates. You might have to print separate reports for each of these details.

  6. Click OK to close the Resource Report dialog box.

  7. Choose Print in the Custom Reports dialog box to start the print job.

Q2:I want to start a project document for a new project, but I sure don't relish having to retype all the resources, their calendar exceptions, and their different cost rates and cost rate changes. Is there any way to copy the resources and all their information from one project to another?
A2: Yes, although you'll have to jump ahead a little to Hour 22. Using the techniques in that Hour, tell Project that the new project will use the resources in the document where you've entered all the resource information. Project copies all the resource data into the new document and establishes a link to the original document. Then, using the same resource sharing command again, tell Project you want the new document to use its own resources. Project breaks the link between the two files, but leaves all the resource data it copied into the new document.

If you'll be creating several projects that use the same resources, you should consider making a copy of the project file that has all the resources already in it (call the copy Resources or something like that) and then deleting the tasks. When you want to start a new project, open the file Resources, immediately use the File, Save As command, and save a copy to use for the new project.



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