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Part VII: Beyond One Project, One Applic... > Exchanging Project Data with Other A...

Hour 24. Exchanging Project Data with Other Applications

In a number of situations, you will find it helpful to be able to export project data to other software applications or import data from other applications into Microsoft Project 2000. For example, you might want to prepare a report or presentation about your project for a Web page or for a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You might also want to export a picture of a Project view such as the Gantt Chart or the PERT Chart to be used in another application.

Similarly, you might want to use data already entered in another application as part of your Project document. For example, you could start a new task list by importing a list of tasks and dates created in a Microsoft Access database. You might already have a typed list of resources with their cost rates and email addresses in Microsoft Excel that you would like to include in your resource pool. Importing the data directly into Project prevents typing errors and certainly saves you time. For small amounts of data, you can use the copy and paste facilities of the Windows Clipboard. Keep in mind that pasting data from another application offers you the opportunity to paste dynamic links to the original source so that when the data from the source changes, the pasted copy of the data will reflect those changes. With that technique, you can link resource cost rates in Project to a pay-scale file in Excel or Access.

This hour introduces you to Project's many options for exchanging information with other file formats and software applications. Although this subject is too broad and too detailed to cover in-depth in this book, you will be introduced to a few of the features that you are most likely to use.

In this hour, you will learn:

  • The file formats supported by Microsoft Project 2000

  • How to save Project 2000 data to older versions of Microsoft Project

  • How to export Project 2000 data with other Microsoft applications

  • How to customize your importing and exporting of project data through Import/Export Maps

  • Steps for linking project data within Project 2000 to external documents using the Paste Special function



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