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Q1:I just want to assign names to the tasks so they will show up on reports; I don't want to be bothered by all this schedule calculation stuff. How can I do this?
A1: I hear you. You have to make sure that task durations won't be affected by the resource assignments because you obviously are going to set durations and dates yourself.

To safely assign names to the tasks without getting into the fine details, follow these steps:

Make all the tasks Fixed Duration tasks.

Turn off the Effort Driven check box on all the tasks.

Use the Assign Resources dialog box to assign resources and let Project assign resources at 100 percent.

Make sure that you do not add nonworking time to resource calendars after assignments are made.

The last step is necessary because of the way Project reacts if you introduce non-working time during the period when a resource is assigned to a Fixed Duration task: Project extends the duration of the task to allow the resource to complete the work already assigned.

Q2:I know how much work is involved in my tasks (from past experience) and I know how long I want to allow tasks to last. How can I get Project to tell me how many units I have to assign?
A2: You need to make the tasks Fixed Duration tasks. When you assign a resource, enter the hours of work and let Project calculate the Units. After that you can make the tasks Fixed Units for future changes in the schedule if you like.
Q3:Some of my resources have new pay increases that are scheduled to go into effect during my project. But now Project uses the new rates even for work on tasks that are scheduled before the new rates become effective. What can I do to fix this?
A3: If you enter resource rates on the Resource Sheet, they will not be given a date stamp to indicate when they are to go into effect and Project will use them for assignments in all time periods. You should add new rates as a new row, with an effective date, on the resource's Cost Rate tables in the Resource Information dialog box.
Q4:When assigning a resource I typed in the name incorrectly. Now the task is assigned to a new (misnamed) resource instead of the resource I want it assigned to. What do I do?
A4: Substitute the correct resource name for the incorrect one and then delete the incorrect resource name in the Resource Sheet.



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