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Chapter 24. Visio Automation and Microso... > Sending Data to PowerPoint

Sending Data to PowerPoint

You may wonder why you would want to send data to PowerPoint. If you say that you can place charts in PowerPoint, someone may argue that Excel charts do very well in PowerPoint. In fact, some may argue that Microsoft provides its own charting object to build charts in presentations. Why then would you place a Visio diagram in a PowerPoint presentation? Certain types of charts, most especially graphical symbol charts akin to those you see in USA Today, are not available within Excel or the Microsoft Graph applet. Visio does a brilliant job of creating these chart types and furthermore these chart types can be linked to external data sources such that the data in the external source controls the charting objects in Visio. The inclusion of one of these chart types in a PowerPoint presentation is highly beneficial. Additionally, Visio diagram types, such as floor plans and process flow diagrams, are highly useful as topic points in PowerPoint presentations. Listing 24.2 illustrates taking a specialized chart type and dropping it into a PowerPoint slide. Notice that it utilizes the Windows clipboard to accomplish this transfer.

Listing 24.2. Sending Visio Graphics to PowerPoint

Public Sub SendOffToPowerPoint()
    Dim winObjVisioWindow As Visio.Window
    Dim pptObjApplication As PowerPoint.Application
    Set winObjVisioWindow = Visio.ActiveWindow
    Set pptObjApplication = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application")
    pptObjApplication.Visible = True
    pptObjApplication.Presentations.Add.Slides.Add(1, ppLayoutBlank).Shapes.Paste
End Sub




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