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Chapter 25. Visio Automation and Microso... > Querying Outlook for Visio's Use

Querying Outlook for Visio's Use

After you have obtained a reference to any given message in an Outlook mail folder, you can query the MailItem object for any one or more of the numerous properties of the object. Some of these are

MailItem.BodyThe body of the message
MailItem.CCThe display name of the person listed on the CC line
MailItem.DeferredDeliveryTimeThe deferred delivery time of the message
MailItem.DeleteAfterSubmitTrue if the MailItem will not be saved after being sent
MailItem.ExpiryTimeThe date and time the message expires
MailItem.FlagDueByThe due date flag for the message
MailItem.FlagRequestThe action to be taken if the .FlagStatus is set to olFlagMarked
MailItem.FlagStatusThe flag status for the mail item. To set the flag, use olFlagMarked to set a flag's status to “complete;” use olFlagComplete to remove the flag and set the flag's status to olNoFlag
MailItem.HTMLBodySets the body type as HTML
MailItem.ImportanceThe importance level of the message
MailItem.ReadReceiptRequestedA return receipt is requested
MailItem.ReceivedTimeThe date and time of the message receipt
MailItem.RecipientsThe recipients object for all of the intended recipients
MailItem.SaveSentMessageFolderThe MAPI folder object
MailItem.SenderNameThe sender's name
MailItem.SensitivityThe sensitivity level for the message
MailItem.SentOnThe date and time the message was sent
MailItem.SizeThe size in bytes of the message
MailItem.SubjectThe text of the subject line of the message
MailItem.UnReadWhether or not the message has been read
MailItems.VotingOptionsThe voting options for the message
MailItem.VotingResponseThe voting response for the message



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