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Part: II Visio ActiveX Development > Adding Data to Visio SmartShape Symbols Un... - Pg. 227

227 Chapter 16. Adding Data to Visio SmartShape Symbols Under Automation IN THIS CHAPTER · Adding Sections to SmartShapes Symbols' ShapeSheets · Adding Rows to SmartShapes Symbols' ShapeSheets · The Automated-Stop-Sign-Generation Application You have already learned how to retrieve and set information in Visio SmartShape symbol's Shape- Sheet cells via the Formula and Result properties of a Cell object. However, there may be times when the information that you want to manipulate does not exist yet. Perhaps your application wants to add a specialized context-menu (right-click) item to a specific SmartShape symbol. Perhaps you need to programmatically populate a given SmartShape symbol with custom properties to track information about the particular symbol. Perhaps you even want to create your own SmartShape