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Chapter 8. Text Behavior and Style Theor... > Protecting Visio SmartShapes Symbols... - Pg. 169

Text Behavior and Style Theory in Visio SmartShape Symbols 169 Protecting Visio SmartShapes Symbols Formatting Earlier I told you that the application of a style overrides any local formatting applied to a Visio SmartShape symbol. The consequence of this is the overwriting of any value, formula, or custom formula that might be in the cell targeted by the application of that style. I want to remind you that the LockFormat cell in the Protection section will prohibit the application of a style to a SmartShape symbol just as explicitly placing a GUARD() function around any value, formula, or custom formula in that cell will protect that one cell from being overwritten. Thus far we have seen how Visio handles text on a SmartShape symbol and how we can customize the behavior to make text work as a tool for our solutions. We have also delved into the concept of styles and looked at their creation, application, and management. In the next chapter, we will look at creating and using scaled diagrams in Visio. We will discuss the basics of scaling and how this affects the behavior of symbols in the diagrams. We will find out where the scale information is stored and learn the special formulas to access and use this information in scaled drawings. You will learn to unlock the mystery of the "range-of-eight," as well as find out how to develop symbols that always scale as well as and symbols that never scale.