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Chapter 7. Specialized Visio SmartShape ... > Dynamics Connectors and Autorouting - Pg. 157

Specialized Visio SmartShape Symbol Behavior 2 3 157 The begin point of the 1D shape moves to a horizontal connection point, and the end point moves to a vertical connection point (side-to-top or side-to-bottom connections). Both endpoints of the 1D shape move to vertical connection points (top-to-bottom connections). Dynamics Connectors and Autorouting With the introduction of Visio 5.0, Visio replaced the old style of connectors with the new dynamic connectors. You have seen how dynamic glue with dynamic connectors can create much more readable diagrams. Additionally the dynamic connectors can be set so when a new symbol is drop- ped on top of a dynamic connector, it will move and reroute itself to avoid the collision. Where dynamic connectors cross each other, a jump is established. Drop a dynamic connector into a Visio diagram. Notice the control handles on each leg. These control handles reposition the legs to suit the user's needs. Now hold down Shift as you drag a control handle. Three new legs are added to accommodate routing. Note that each leg now has its own control handle. Hold Ctrl down while dragging a control handle. As you can see, the endpoints of the leg segment remain fixed while the handle acts as a vertex and moves the line as if it were two line segments. Each new line segment gets its own new control handles. This new behavior is unique to dynamic connectors. Keep in mind that each time you perform any of these actions you are continuously adding new rows to the Geometry section of the SmartShape symbol in question. Be aware that cells in both the Miscellaneous section (such as the object type) and cells in the new Shape Layout section under Visio 2000 control the behavior of not only the dynamic connector shapes, but also any SmartShape symbol you as the developer choose to imbue with this autor- outing behavior. For a refresher in the Shape Layout section, look back earlier in the book to Chap- ters 2, "Introduction to ShapeSheet Programming" and 3, "Modifying Visio SmartShape Symbols and Groups of Symbols."