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Lesson 26. More Ways to Enhance Charts > Changing the Category Axis

Changing the Category Axis

You can customize the category axis (the x-axis) as well. For example, you can increase the space between columns (or bars, and so on). To learn how, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Category Axis from the Chart Objects drop-down list on the Chart toolbar.

  2. Click the Format Object button.

  3. Click the Scale tab, and you'll see the options shown in Figure 26.2.

  4. On most charts, you can change the point at which the value axis (y-axis) crosses the category axis (x-axis) by entering a different category number in the Value axis crosses at category number box.

  5. To display a label under every other category, enter a 2 in the Number of categories between tick-mark labels text box. To label every third category instead, enter a 3, and so on.

  6. To display more categories between the tick-marks on the x-axis, change the value under Number of categories between tick-marks.

  7. If the Value (Y) axis crosses between categories option is not selected, then no space will appear between the first and last categories and the edges of the plot area.

  8. Reverse the order in which the categories are plotted by selecting the Categories in reverse order option.

  9. If you want the value labels to appear on the right-hand side of the plot area instead of the left, select the Value (Y) axis crosses at maximum category option.

  10. Click OK when you're through.



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