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Lesson 6. Getting Help > Asking the Office Assistant for Help

Asking the Office Assistant for Help

When you need help with something, just ask the Office Assistant:

  1. If the Office Assistant is not visible, click the Microsoft Excel Help button on the Standard toolbar, or press F1. If the Assistant is visible but the help bubble is not (see Figure 6.1), click the Office Assistant to display it.

  2. Type a question into the text box. For instance, you might type How do I print? or type a keyword such as printing to get help on printing your worksheet.

  3. Click the Search button or press Enter. Office Assistant displays some topics that might match what you're looking for. For instance, Figure 6.1 shows Office Assistant's answer to the question, "How do I print?"

  4. Perform any of the following:

    • Click the topic that best describes what you're trying to do. For instance, you might choose Start a new page by inserting a page break (see Figure 6.1). A Help window appears with instructions for the specified task.

    • If none of the topics describe what you want, click the See more… option at the bottom of the list to view more suggestions. To return to the first list, click the See previous… option.

    • If you still can't locate a topic you want, you can click the None of the above, look for more help on the Web option (that is, if you have a connection to the Internet), or you can type a different question into the text box and press Enter.

  5. If you selected a topic in step 4, a Help window appears right next to the Excel window, so you can easily complete the steps for the task in the open workbook. (See Figure 6.2.) If you need help navigating the Help window, see the next section.

  6. If you'd like more help, you can ask the Office Assistant another question. Just click on the assistant to display the help bubble again, type your question, and press Enter.

  7. When you're through asking questions, you can remove the Help window by clicking its Close button. The Office Assistant remains onscreen. It's programmed to stay out of your way, but if you'd like to "put Clippit to sleep," just right-click on it and select Hide.



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