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Finding a Workbook File

If you forget where you saved a file, Excel can help you. You can use the Find tool in the Open dialog box to locate your lost file. Here's how:

  1. Select File, Open, or click the Open button in the Standard toolbar. The Open dialog box appears (see Figure 2.2).

  2. Change to the drive and/or folder you want to search. You can click the Desktop icon in the Places bar and click My Computer to search all the drives on your computer.

  3. Click the Tools button and select Find. The Find dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2.3.

  4. Open the Property drop-down list and select the type of item you want to search, such as File name or Contents.

  5. Select a Condition, such as Includes.

  6. Type a Value to compare, such as First Quarter Sales.xls.

    When needed, you can use wildcard characters in place of characters you can't remember. Use an asterisk in place of a group of characters; use a question mark in place of a single character. (For example, if you're searching by filename and you enter sales??, Excel finds all files whose file names begin with the word "sales" followed by two characters, such as SALES01, SALES02, and so on. If you enter sales*, Excel will find all files beginning with the word "sales" followed by any number of characters, such as SALES01, or SALES HISTORY.)

  7. To have Excel search all subfolders of the drive you specify, select the Search subfolders option.

  8. Click Add to List.

  9. If you want to add additional search criteria, choose either the And or the Or option, and then repeat steps 3 to 7.

  10. When you finish entering your search criteria, click Find Now. Excel finds the files that match the search instructions you entered and displays them in the files and folders list.

  11. Look through the list, highlight the file you want, and click the Open button.



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