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Lesson 4. Using Outlook's Tools - Pg. 20

20 Chapter 4. Using Outlook's Tools In this lesson you learn how to change views in Outlook, as well as how to use the Outlook bar and the Folder list. Using the Outlook Bar Each Outlook organization tool has its own folder. You have a folder for email (Inbox), a folder for the calendar (Calendar), and so on. The Outlook bar is a tool you can use to quickly change folders in Outlook. The icons in the Outlook bar represent all of the folders available to you and provide shortcuts to getting to the contents of those folders. Figure 4.1 shows the Outlook bar. Three shortcut groups are located within the Outlook bar: Outlook, My Shortcuts, and Other Short- cuts. Each group contains related folders in which you can work. · The Outlook Shortcuts Group --This group contains folders for working with the different or- ganizational tools in Outlook, such as the Inbox, the Calendar, Tasks, and so on.