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Lesson 26. Outlook 2000 and the Internet > Setting Up the Newsreader

Setting Up the Newsreader

You can access newsgroups from Outlook by starting the Outlook Express Newsreader. First you must make sure that you are connected to the Internet through your corporate network or by your dial-up connection to your Internet service provider. After you've connected, follow these steps to start the Outlook Express Newsreader and download newsgroup postings.

  1. In the Outlook window, select News from the Go menu. The Outlook Express Newsreader opens.

  2. The first time you use the Newsreader, it runs the Internet Connection Wizard, which leads you through the process of setting up your news server and creating a newsgroup account for you (see Figure 26.1). The first screen asks you to type the name you will use when you post messages to your news server. After typing a name, click Next.

    Figure 26.1. The Internet Connection Wizard walks you through the steps of setting up your news server.

  3. The next screen asks you to provide your email address. Click Next after doing so.

  4. On the next screen, you must provide the name of your news server. This name should be provided to you by your network administrator or Internet service provider. Click Next after entering the server name (it will be something like news.company.com).

  5. The next screen asks you to type a friendly name for the new account. Type a name and then click Next.

  6. The last screen asks you to select the type of connection you will use to access the Internet: your phone line, Local Area Network, or a manual connection. Select the connection type, and then click Next.

  7. The last screen appears, letting you know you've completed the process. Click Finish.



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