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Lesson 13. Creating a Contacts List - Pg. 86

86 Chapter 13. Creating a Contacts List In this lesson you learn to create and view a Contacts list, and to send mail to someone on your Contacts list. Creating a New Contact You use the Contacts folder to create, store, and access your Contacts list. You can enter any or all of the following information about each contact: · · · · · · · · Name Job title Company name Address (Street, City, State, Zip, and Country) Phone (business, home, business fax, mobile) Email address Web page address Comments, notes, or descriptions Note Contact--In Outlook, a contact is any person or company for which you've entered a name, address, phone number, or other information. You can communicate with a contact in Out- look by sending an email message, scheduling a meeting, sending a letter, and so on. · Categories You also can edit the information at any time, add new contacts, or delete contacts from the list. To open the Contacts folder and create a new contact, follow these steps: 1. 2. To open the Contacts folder, click the Contacts shortcut on the Outlook bar. The Contacts folder opens. To create a new contact, select Actions, New Contact, or simply click the New Contact button on the Standard toolbar. The Contact dialog box appears, with the General tab dis- played (see Figure 13.1).