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Lesson 8. Using Word's Proofreading Tool... > Previewing Your Document's Printer A...

Previewing Your Document's Printer Appearance

Word's Print Preview feature enables you to view your document on the screen exactly as it will be printed. Although Print Layout view also displays your document in its final form, Print Preview offers some additional features that you might find useful. To use Print Preview, select File, Print Preview, or click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar. The current page appears in the Preview window (see Figure 8.5). Then, your choices are as follows:

  • To view other pages, press Page Up or Page Down, or use the scroll bar.

  • To view more than one page at a time, click the Multiple Pages button, and then drag over the page icons. To return to single page preview, click the One Page button.

  • To preview the document at different magnifications, click the Zoom Control drop-down arrow and select a magnification.

  • To display the ruler, click the View Ruler button. You can then use the ruler to set page margins and indents as described in Lesson 11, "Applying Indents and Justification," and Lesson 16, "Working with Margins, Pages, and Sections."

  • To enlarge the document, click the Magnifier button and click in the document. To shrink the view to its original size, click with the right mouse button.

  • To prevent a small amount of text from spilling onto the document's last page, click the Shrink to Fit button. Word will attempt to adjust formatting to reduce the page count by one.

  • To print the document, click the Print button.

  • To view the preview in full-screen mode, click the Full Screen button. Then, to return to normal print Preview mode, click the Close Full Screen button.

  • Click Close or press Esc to Print Preview display.



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