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Lesson 2. Creating a New Document > Saving Time With Wizards

Saving Time With Wizards

Some of Word's templates are a special kind of template called a wizard. A wizard is an active tool that asks you questions about the document you want to create and uses your answers to invent the new document, whereas a standard template is a static combination of text and formatting. When you're starting a new document, you can recognize a wizard in the New dialog box by its title and by the small magic wand in its icon. You can see several wizard template icons in Figure 2.1. Each wizard is unique, but they all follow the same basic procedures. There are a number of steps in a wizard, each of which asks you for certain information about the document you want to create. Figure 2.2 shows an example (a step in the Letter Wizard), and Table 2.1 describes the different components of the wizard dialog box.

Table 2.1. Parts of a Wizard Dialog Box
Wizard ComponentFunction
Title barShows the name of the wizard that is running, and the step you are on.
Step tabsGraphically represents the wizard steps, with the current step highlighted. Click any step to go directly to that step.
Information areaRequests document information from you.
Cancel buttonCancels the wizard without creating a new document.
Back buttonMoves to the previous wizard step.
Next buttonMoves to the next wizard step.
Finish buttonEnds the wizard and creates the new document based on the information you have entered so far.
Help buttonClick to display Help information about using the wizard .



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