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Adding Clip Art

Clip art is a special category of pictures that consists of generally small, simple images that you can use to add visual appeal and interest to your documents. Word comes with an extensive gallery of clip art that you can use freely. The following steps explain how to add a clip art image to a document:

  1. Move the cursor to the document location where you want the image.

  2. Select Insert, Picture, Clip Art to open the Insert ClipArt dialog box (see Figure 22.3). Be sure that the Pictures tab is selected.

  3. In the dialog box, click on the icon of the category of pictures from which you want to select. The dialog box displays the clip art images in that category. If you have Internet access, you can click the Clips Online button in the Insert ClipArt dialog box. This connects you to Microsoft's Web site, where you can access additional clip art images.

  4. Scroll through the image list until you find the image you want. Or, click the Back button (the left-pointing arrow) at the top of the dialog box to return to the category list.

  5. Click the desired image to display a pop-up menu ( Figure 22.4).

  6. Click the top icon on this menu to insert the clip in the document. The dialog box remains open.

  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 if you want to add more clip art images to the document.

  8. When you are finished, close the dialog box by clicking the X at the right of the title bar.

    Figure 22.3. You can select clip art from the Insert ClipArt dialog box.

    Figure 22.4. Use this pop-up menu to insert a selected clip.



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