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What is Microsoft Powerpoint 2000?

What is Microsoft Powerpoint 2000?

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 is a graphics program designed for use with Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, Windows NT Workstation 3.51, or Windows NT 4.0. PowerPoint 2000 specializes in creating effective business presentations. Many graphics programs can help you draw, but PowerPoint can help you put text and drawings and colors and shapes together to effectively convey a message.

What Is Windows?

Windows is an operating system for desktop PCs. PowerPoint 2000 runs on any version of Windows produced in the last several years, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation 3.51, or Windows NT 4.0. Other versions of PowerPoint are available for other operating systems, such as Windows 3.x (16-bit versions of the Windows operating system) and the Apple Macintosh.

The following are just a few things you can do with PowerPoint:

  • Type the text for a presentation directly into PowerPoint, or import it from another program.

  • Set a consistent, readable color scheme and layout for your entire presentation, or custom-design each slide.

  • Create dazzling animations and transitions between slides that you can control with a few keystrokes as you give the presentation—no more fumbling with transparencies!

  • Create audience handouts and speaker's notes that supplement your presentation.

  • Show others your presentation onscreen, in printed form, or on the Internet.

You learn to do all of this and more in this book.

What is the Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes Series?

The Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes series is a quick approach to learning computer programs. Instead of trying to cover the entire program, the Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes books teach you only about the features of the program that a beginner is most likely to need.

No matter what your professional demands, Sams Teach Yourself PowerPoint 2000 in 10 Minutes helps you find and learn the main features of the program and become productive with it more quickly. You can learn this wonderfully logical and powerful program in a fraction of the time you would normally spend learning a new program.

Installing Powerpoint

If you received PowerPoint when you bought a new PC or when you installed Office 2000, then PowerPoint is probably already installed. Choose Start, Programs, and look for PowerPoint on the list that appears. If it's there, you're all set. If not, it's a simple matter to install PowerPoint.

Locate your PowerPoint 2000 or Office 2000 CD, and insert it in your CD-ROM drive. The installation program should start automatically. Just follow the prompts, which are very clear and self-explanatory. When prompted to restart your PC, click Yes. After Windows restarts, you're good to go.

Conventions Used in This Book

Each of the lessons in this book includes step-by-step instructions for performing a specific task. The following icons help you identify particular types of information:


These offer shortcuts and hints for using the program most effectively.

Plain English

These identify new terms and definitions.


These appear in places where new users often run into trouble.

Specific conventions in this book help you to easily find your way around Microsoft PowerPoint:

What you typeappears in bold, color type.
What you selectappears in color type.
Menu, Field, and Key namesappear with the first letter capitalized.

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