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Lesson 13. Navigating the Web > Setting Browsing Preferences - Pg. 109

109 Chapter 13. Navigating the Web In this lesson you learn how to browse Web pages with Notes, save Web pages, set up agents, and use subscriptions. Setting Browsing Preferences Lotus Notes offers you the ability to surf the Internet, the Web and your company intranet using Notes as your browser or other browsers, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer. There are advantages to using Notes as your Web browser, however, and the main one is that you can store copies of Web pages in a Notes database for viewing when you aren't connected. There are two ways that Notes can be set up to browse the Web using Notes: · Notes can retrieve the pages directly. In this setup, the Web pages retrieved by Notes are stored locally, and only you can view them. · An InterNotes server can retrieve the Web pages (an InterNotes server is a Domino server that