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Hour 4. Turning the Task List into a Sch... > Estimating Task Duration - Pg. 65

Turning the Task List into a Schedule 65 Figure 4.14. Enter a new name for the copy of the calendar that will reside in the target file. You must use the Organizer if you also need to rename or delete a calendar. To Do: Renaming or Deleting a Calendar To rename or delete a calendar, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open the Organizer by choosing Tools, Organizer from the menu and select the Calendars tab. Select the calendar to be deleted or renamed. Click the Delete button to delete the selected calendar. When asked to confirm the deletion, click Yes. Click the Rename button to rename the selected calendar. Supply the new name in the Re- name dialog box (refer to Figure 4.14) and click OK. Click the Close button to close the Organizer. Printing the Calendar Details If you want to review the working and nonworking dates and times in your base calendars, print the